Search in Global Jobs is a career page linked to the soon to be launched career portal in the same name. This page is managed by Combination Advertising, a Cochin based advertising agency focused on overseas employment opportunities.
Search in Global Jobs aims to function as an interactive forum of global job seekers and opportunity providers.
Initially, the opportunities listings will be that of our own clients to ensure the verification and authenticity of the employers or recruiting agencies. We display opportunities advertisements only from agencies licensed by the ministry of expatriate affairs and emigration. We envision to expand the site and page into a broader platform of job seekers and providers.
However, all caution will be applied in screening and verifying the employment advertisements, we cannot be held responsible for errors and claims furnished by recruitment agencies. Applicants for overseas employment are advised to proceed through legitimate channels in compliance with the government guidelines and stipulations.
We are hopeful of being helpful to both job seekers from a broad spectrum of careers and recruiters, who would seek immediate response and connectivity through dynamic social media.
Wish you all success in your search.
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